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IT Specialist that loves to go FAST!!!

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Chewed-Up roads/pothole damaged my exhaust (which the over-axle pipes had to be cut for)......so tr

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Wasn't able to make it to yesterday's Car & Coffee at Hunts Valley due to snow but gonna try this u

[]Robert Sixto

I love a good cars and coffee style event, always a good time!

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Are there any Car Events happening nearby Baltimore, MD?!?!! I'm trying by hardest to simply learn

[]Antoni Dabrowski

There's always some shows depending on what you're into. Obviously H2O happens every year in Ocean City if you wanna go mess around but there's also a lot of stance shows like Panda Junction and Cleanculture. If you want more small scale stuff I'm sure you have meets at night locally. Otherwise... track day?

[]Eddie Spriggs

I really like the H2O scene/events (personally not a stance guy but love the cars).......problem is, like you said, it's only once a year. Plus, I'm hoping to meet ppl closer to home. It's kinda hard since I'm just now getting into cars and I'm humble enough to say I desperately need mentors/real car friends. I wanna try new approaches with my own setup but still very much a novice. So gonna keep trying locally until the day when all the stars align.......

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I'm from the York, PA area and I'm not sure of what all goes on in this area other than the Cars at Carlisle events but as for meets I don't know. I have created a map for Wheelwell to show where users, race tracks, and driving schools are. It's not super populated with people yet but it's a constant work in progress. It can be found here: drive.google.com/open?id=1hgINj4eg0D5TmWNWTeEf27lktMEFkE_1&usp=sharing

[]Eddie Spriggs

Thx Sooo Much Wilson.......this is AWESOME - I'll add this to my maps and check out what's nearby!!! Thx Again

[]Wilson Oberholzer

No problem! This is the exact reason this map came about

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Hi all..........I'm a Humble Car N00b/"buster" but want to learn all I can about my modifying and r

[]Jessica Pomerleau

Good luck on your project man!

[]Eddie Spriggs

Thx for the support Jess

[]Brian Post

Hey Eddie - check out the #advice page and reach out to fellow mustang owners. What direction do you want to go with your car - Show/Go? My best advice is please don't run into any crowds and you'll be winning in my book!

[]Jordan Shuster


[]Sammie Robertson

Awesome to see someone willing to learn! Feel free to hit up the #advice page whenever you have any questions. The Wheelwell community is super helpful :)

[]Ernie Szots


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Just Installed a New TCI Ratchet Shifter from American Muscle

Ditched the puny stock shifter since the Gear Indicator was stuck in park and needed to pass MD Sta

[]Andrew Johnson

Looking good!

[]Eddie Spriggs

Thx Andrew :-)