325 HP
375 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3400 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
165 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
12.9 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4.6 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
19/26 MPG

My 2008 Legacy GT spec. B ECU: Tuning Alliance Custom Tune (Stage 2+, ~320WTQ/270WHP) SI Drive Selectable Boost Maps (Peak PSI: S#/19, S/16.5, I/WG) Cobb AccessPort Version 3 Exhaust: Cobb Turbo-Back (with Hi-Flow catted DP) Vibrant 3" UltraQuiet Resonator Intake: Samco 2.4" Turbo Inlet Hose* Cooling: ProcessWest TMIC & Splitter Forge Recirculating BPV Perrin Turbo Blanket Thermal Zero Downpipe Blanket DEI Reflecta-Gold on TMIC Drivetrain: STI Clutch, Flywheel & Pressure Plate JDM STI RA spec C AP Racing SureTrac Front LSD* Brakes: Brembo STi Front & Rear Calipers DBA 5000 T3 2-Piece Front Rotors DBA 4000 T3 Adapter Rear Rotors Kartboy Rear Caliper Bracket Stoptech SS Front & Rear Lines Stoptech Street Performance Pads ATE Super Blue DOT4 Fluid TiC Titanium Front Shims (Track)* Carbotech XP-8 F&R Pads (Track)* Suspension & Chassis: RCE Tarmac Coilovers 400lb/400lb (KW Var. 2) Hotchkis Front & Rear Swaybars 25mm/22mm AVO Rear Swaybar Reinforcement Brackets AVO Front & Rear Endlinks Wheels & Tires: BBS STi 17" x 7.5" ET +53 / Dunlop WinterSport 4D / 225/45 SSR Competition 17 x 8.5 ET +48 / Michelin Pilot SuperSport / 245/40 (just removed PPS04s)* Interior: Redline Italian Leather E-Brake Boot JDM STi 6MT Weighted Aluminum Shift Knob Parrot BlueTooth Exterior: BaysonR V-Limited Rep Front Lip OEM Splash Guards Engine-Bay Accessories: Redline Tuning Elite Hood Struts Subtle Solutions Alt Cover & Radiator Shroud Story: I've been into Subarus since the RS and 22B days (thanks, Gran Turismo), and so from my teenage years I had a strong desire for hood scoops and AWD. After driving one hand-me-down RWD Swedish wagon, then a rusty, over-heating Acura Legend Coupe of my own, I ditched the hoopties and made my first new car purchase a 2002 WRX sedan in Midnight Black Pearl. I was 18, had never driven stick and couldn't even test drive the car, but I knew exactly what I was getting into: my first turbo Subaru (and the start of a long sickness). That car started off with a BOV and an MBC (of course), but ended up running a V7 spec C drivetrain that I swapped in with a friend in his garage. Over the next decade, I had a series of other Subarus (two GC/GM6s, two BDs, and two other Bugeyes), each was a great car but not one was kept stock. And, predictably, the story with this Legacy would be no different... it was January 2013, I and was still daily driving a bugeye WRX, this time a wagon. I loved that car, but knew I needed to grow up a bit and get into something a little more comfortable. As a Subaru nut, I'd always admired the spec B, but never thought I'd find one for sale (or in my price range). I'd known the previous/first owner of this 2008 spec B from work, and when he came around to selling it, gave me the first shot. On the test drive the car drove well-enough, but felt tired with 129k bone-stock miles. However, I knew what the car could be with a little TLC, so it came home. Now a couple years down the maintenance and mod path, this spec B is a well-rounded daily driver that will keep up with, or best, cars costing multiples more. Not bad for a four cylinder Subaru with ~195k miles and counting on the original motor & turbo!

Discuss this build

[]Chad Weeder

Very nice Spec B, Edward! To your knowledge, will most of these parts transfer over to a 06 OBXT?

[]Edward Forker

Thanks man! Everything should, minus some odds and ends with motor mounting height and suspension geometry.

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