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Currently enrolled in High school with a part-time job, it can be pretty hard to budget for an ambitious build. I hope to enter a career as either a diesel mechanic or welder.

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Back in Black

Herculiner has been applied! Put in with a sprayer, it's lookin great. No issues, just messy and le

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Garage Update

I've spent alot of time and energy on this garage, and I think it shows. I have a surround-sound sp

[]Ernie Szots

It absolutely shows; nice garage!

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Time for a Makeover!

I didn't want the truck to look like Santa's beater, but my wallet didn't want to paint the truck.

[]Ernie Szots

Pics don't always tell the whole story but from the pics, it looks like it came out really well.

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And Let There Be Light!

Picked up some cheapo LED pods off Amazon to take place of the fogs in the Saltine they called a fr

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Coffee can be coolant, right?

Swapped out the coolant, pretty sure the guy just dumped coffee into the radiator (or atleast I hop

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I guess it's better to look like black coffee than to look like it has creamer in it, lol.

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And Then There Was Sound!

Exhaust has Arrived! Actually that's a lie, I did this awhile ago but forgot to post... She's leaki

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Donor Time!

Well my wallet is crying, but I've come up with a solution to my bed-rust issue! Just bought a dono

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Rust is Fun, Right?

This truck just keeps on giving.... Stepped into the bed to grab something and realized the plastic

[]Timothy Markworth

Look at that! It provided you easy access to the fuel pump. How thoughtful.

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This could be an issue...

Called over a buddy and swapped out the spark plugs. Wasn't amused at what I found. Either way she'

homepage tile photo for And She Lives!
And She Lives!

SHE'S ALIVE! After plugging in everything, she started right up. Seems to be running a bit rough, m

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homepage tile photo for Whups.

New Intake bolts came in, threw the intake on and began tightening the bolts in accordance to the F

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Little bit of Paint..

While I had everything apart, thought I'd clean and paint the Valve Covers. Grabbed black engine en

homepage tile photo for FOUND the PROBLEM!

Gaskets came in, finished the tear down. After I unbolted the intake manifold, it wouldn't come off

homepage tile photo for And So It Begins!
And So It Begins!

Ripping the engine apart in preparation for a head gasket and Valve Cover gasket replacement. This

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Just removed the rusty POS bumper. Planning to weld up my own... #POS #tbd #rust #rustcountsasweigh