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Currently enrolled in High school with a part-time job, it can be pretty hard to budget for an ambitious build. I hope to enter a career as either a diesel mechanic or welder.
EJ Montague29 days ago

Herculiner has been applied! Put in with a sprayer, it's lookin great. No issues, just messy and left me with black marks on my arms.. Whups This was before I touched up the corner... Plastidip definitely didn't go on perfectly... I'll have to re apply in the spring

EJ Montague35 days ago

I've spent alot of time and energy on this garage, and I think it shows. I have a surround-sound speaker system I salvaged from an old TV set hooked up to an Amazon Dot. The lights and bench are controlled with smart-plugs and turn on and off with a voice command. It's still growing, but it sure feels nice to work in here #homebase #garage #home

[]Ernie Szots

It absolutely shows; nice garage!

EJ Montague35 days ago

I didn't want the truck to look like Santa's beater, but my wallet didn't want to paint the truck. I compromised and ordered a Plastidip Kit. I love the color and the stuff was easy enough to apply. Definitely a few spots that didn't turn out perfectly and a few things I would have done differently but if I could do it again, it would look way better. At this point however, its one color and that's all I

[]Ernie Szots

Pics don't always tell the whole story but from the pics, it looks like it came out really well.

EJ Montague35 days ago

Picked up some cheapo LED pods off Amazon to take place of the fogs in the Saltine they called a front bumper. I think they look great, but they may be brighter then my headlights... Before...

EJ Montague35 days ago

Swapped out the coolant, pretty sure the guy just dumped coffee into the radiator (or atleast I hope). Also I was closing the plastic drain valve to the radaitor when the little bugger scared the **** outta me. Snapped in two, but the replacement was cheap so all is good...

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I guess it's better to look like black coffee than to look like it has creamer in it, lol.

EJ Montague35 days ago

Exhaust has Arrived! Actually that's a lie, I did this awhile ago but forgot to post... She's leakin in a few spots but I don't have a good welder rn so It's gonna have to wait...

EJ Montague35 days ago

Well my wallet is crying, but I've come up with a solution to my bed-rust issue! Just bought a donor truck and trailered it back from the big city. I'm going to trade the bed and rear axle between the two trucks, then get rid of the donor. It's gunna be a long night... Donor Underside of Ronin Post-surgery. Happy X-Mas!

EJ Montague35 days ago

This truck just keeps on giving.... Stepped into the bed to grab something and realized the plastic bed liner felt flimsy. Needless to say I wasn't thrilled by what I found...

[]Timothy Markworth

Look at that! It provided you easy access to the fuel pump. How thoughtful.

EJ Montague35 days ago

Called over a buddy and swapped out the spark plugs. Wasn't amused at what I found. Either way she's running much stronger now.

EJ Montague152 days ago

SHE'S ALIVE! After plugging in everything, she started right up. Seems to be running a bit rough, my buddy thinks it's a fuel pump. After taking it out for a long drive, the coupler connecting the exhaust to the cat popped off, and I realized how bad the exhaust actually sounded. With further investigation I found a hole in the muffler and

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EJ Montague158 days ago

New Intake bolts came in, threw the intake on and began tightening the bolts in accordance to the Ford Shop Manual. One of the bolts snapped and is stuck in the block real good. Something must be wrong with the torque spec in the manual... When the screw comes out, *and it will or I'll loose my mind*, I'll just have to torque everything to less than what the manual says. I've broken two when torquing to 88

EJ Montague159 days ago

While I had everything apart, thought I'd clean and paint the Valve Covers. Grabbed black engine enamel and went to town scrubbing the grease off. It came out pretty well from my view. Pictures of primed and final coats included.

EJ Montague165 days ago

Gaskets came in, finished the tear down. After I unbolted the intake manifold, it wouldn't come off so I just decided to go and begin dismantling the passenger head since I thought I'd need to replace the head gaskets anyways. After the passenger head was unbolted, the intake manifold came loose, and to my surprise there was a huge hole in the gasket right next to the coolant passage. I think that was the problem all along considering the

EJ Montague167 days ago

Ripping the engine apart in preparation for a head gasket and Valve Cover gasket replacement. This thing is just a grease magnet... #gettindirty #bigjob #headgasket #nbd

EJ Montague168 days ago

Just removed the rusty POS bumper. Planning to weld up my own... #POS #tbd #rust #rustcountsasweightreduction

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