Engine Size
350 L
Transmission Type
4 spd manual
MPG (City/Highway)
14 MPG
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        Dreams do come true! If you want to get noticed drive a giant metal orange metal flake blazer with a 4 spd manual transmission and a super loud exhaust.  Everyone notices! When I bought this it had not run in a decade. It had been sitting in a field in Utah rusting away. It had no top, no rear end, no floors, a leaky gas tank and well you get the idea. It took me a year to get put together and and painted. I did all the work and even built the roll bars. Towing my 1972 Carlson Glastron GT 16 SS which I flaked green and black was a blast. This k5 was my daily driver for 5 years. I had to sell it at the end of 2008 when the recession hit. The dork who bought it painted it silver and flipped the white walls in, what a pansie. 

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