BMW M10 2.0L 130 HP
Getrag 245 5-Speed
E30 LSD 3:91.1
Fuel System
Dual Weber DCOE 40 Sidedraft Carburetors

VIN 2591979 Currently undergoing an M42 swap! Engine and transmission (from a 1991 E30 318is) are in the car as of September 27, 2020. My history with 2002's: This is my second! The one before it was a '76 with a few too many rust issues for my comfort. It was far different than this car - completely stock with service records back to the day it was first registered. I spent some time in 2017 with that car learning the nuances of 2002's and truly getting to love them. Ultimately, issues with insurance lead to difficulties getting it street legal, so I sold it, discouraged, thinking I'd buy something more modern. A supercharged AW11 MR2 was on my radar. Well, in typical Craigslist fashion, the seller of the MR2 sold it a few hours prior to our appointment, even after I had placed a deposit on the car. Got the deposit back. Didn't get the MR2 I'd fancied. Now I was even more discouraged. I was back on the road looking for more 2002's less than a week later. I visited Huntsville for another supposedly rust-free '76, only to discover the floor pan beneath the rear seat to be disintegrated with rust . . . "man, I promise you I didn't notice that." Another disappointment. Next, I found myself in Austin looking at a '73 Verona, but found it to be too tired for my tastes despite the transparency of the owner. In the airport on the way home, I happened to check eBay for 2002's - something I'd never done. The '73 here was posted, and I bought it, sight unseen, no more than an hour later. It also happened to be twenty miles from my house :/ Pretty much all mechanical upgrades are mine, save for the internals of the engine. Allegedly it has been rebuilt, and has a more aggressive cam. Not sure on that. The cosmetics are the previous owner's doing. I'm not too sure about them, but it sure gets quite a lot of smiles and interest on the road and at meets. I'm thinking clear coat over bare metal is in its near future. It's nowhere near straight enough for a prep and respray to cost a reasonable amount. Anyways, it runs like a top. It's stiff as hell and is awful in the city comfort-wise, but all discomfort is justified when on twisties. It's been to the Tail of the Dragon, was driven hard at red-line for quite some time, and brought me and a few friends reliably home, 300 miles away, all in a weekend, twice. Not bad for a 46 year old car. I post photos/videos fairly often on my Instagram/YouTube, both of which are linked in my profile (look for their respective symbols).

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