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A father of a beautiful boy and a beautiful car 😂🤘🏼

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Is this fixable? I love these rims but the slight dent pinches the tires. Could I get it banged out

[]Hayden Baker

Yeah that looks like something a shop could fix. The place I went to was $80 a wheel or something like that. Then the cosmetic part could be difficult to make ot look perfect but you can make it like 75% better pretty easily.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I have to agree with Jessica, take it to a shop that specializes in wheel repair if you want to get it fixed. It looks pretty heavily damaged but I would imagine someone who really knows what they're doing could have it fixed to be just as good as it was new.

[]Emory Oman

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely check out someone who specializes in it due to the rims being out of production and hard to find!

[]Jessica Pomerleau

That is a pretty big scratch so it's really hard to say... my best bet for you is to bring it to a specialist. Sometimes they hard to find, but there are people who fix wheels like this one. Find how much it will cost, and if it's worth it. If not but new ones and sell these! Hope it works out for you buddy 🤞🏻

[]Emory Oman