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Just a car enthusiast


Just an enthusiast looking to make my way in the tuning industry!
Eric Beland5 days ago

Freshly waxed and all shined up! Haven't had the time to fully clean up the ride until today.

Eric Beland6 days ago

Looking to get an air/oil separator for my WRX but I'm not sure which to get. I see quite a wide price range from $100 to over $500 (that's a little ridiculous) but not many have reviews. If anyone has one i would like to know how well it works and if it would be worth the price. Just trying to narrow down the choices is all...

Eric Beland8 days ago

If anyone is debating on getting an exhaust for any car, don't put too much faith in how it sounds in a video. It's best to find someone with that product or a similar one and hear it in person. I was lucky enough to find the exhaust with the right sound i wanted, but that is almost never the case. Do your research for any parts you purchase for your vehicle, I can't stress that enough!

Eric Beland22 days ago

Now i wait...

Eric Beland30 days ago

Done with the exterior of my 2017 WRX (ha yea right...) and now looking into starting to do some performance mods. I've heard great reviews about MA Performance, particularly their stage 1 and 2 packages, but i want to hear from others to see what's out there and if there are any problems i should know about ahead of time (aside from the infamous weak C-rods of the FA20). Not looking for insane builds, just a good boost in power and still maintain reliability.

Eric Beland79 days ago

Definitely a worthwhile purchase, the car looked great before but the wheels add so much more presence. I love the aggressive stance! Now i just have to be more careful of curbs...

Eric Beland155 days ago

Got the replacement bezel in the mail, free of charge thanks to Subispeed! Hopefully this one doesn't allow moisture to get in and ruin the bulbs.

Eric Beland168 days ago

Future wishlist in terms of performance parts for the WRX, debating on the full exhaust from MAP or going with all but the catback and getting the Invidia R400 catback with it all. Not sure if there's a warrenty on the R400 but it looks and sounds aggressive. [Photos show MAP intercooler/chargepipe, MAP stage 2 w/ intake/full exhaust, and Invidia Gemini R400 catback]

Eric Beland172 days ago

That awkward moment when someone flashes their high beams at you because they think yours are on. Joke's on them, those were my daytime lights!

Eric Beland173 days ago

Well this is annoying... Noticed this earlier while looking at the new lights i put in. I got these bezels a few weeks ago and they are already starting to have lighting problems. Does anyone know why this would happen?

Eric Beland173 days ago

Got the OLM bulbs and tail as turn modules installed, easy and simple only took me 10 minutes. Very bright, the only problem i have is the new reverse bulbs don't stay in very well and may fall out. Something i have to look into later on i guess.