140 HP
128 LB-FT
2,866 LB
1.8 L

In 2017 I was in need of a good reliable vehicle. I didn't know very much about cars at that time and I always heard that Honda's were cream of the crop when it came to reliability. So, in January of 2017 I went to my local Honda Dealership and found this 2013 Honda Civic EX with only 43k miles on it and I was sold after the first test drive. My plans for this beauty is to start off with cosmetics then work into the performance part of this car. Little by little I have been adding touches here and there and my #1 rule is to keep mods as OEM as I can. Obviously, that isn't always the case but I try my best. As for performance I understand the R18 is a eco engine but I know I can add some tweaks here and there to get a few gains. I love how this car drives and I will update this page as they are installed. If you want to see a non-Si Civic make a transformation then follow along!

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Exhaust Options

Looking at two different exhaust options for the Civic! First, we have the afe power takeda axlebac


Whichever you choose, make sure you hit up our live chat with a link to your Wheelwell Garage to get the best discount we can offer. Always looking to hook up great builds!

[]Jonny Mill

I’ve only heard the Borla in action. It sounded great!

[]Eric Drobnick

Thanks, seems to be the route I will take.

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