Fabricated License plate relocation mount License Plate Holder

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Fabricated License plate relocation mount License Plate Holder






I refused to pay for the overpriced well known garage star plate relocation mount for the front. To my recollection it costs in excess of $65 which for what you get, is way too much. I got a friend in metal work so fab me up the mount based off of an online blueprint I tracked down through extensive research he blueprint wasn't perfect but he followed the general outline of what needed to be cut but he rest was trial and error. It didn't take much to get the main angles bent to line up and look proper. I went ahead and mounted it to my one and only drivers side front metal tow hook with a set of 2 large washers a long bolt and a wing-nut so I can remove it with my bare hands on the fly for photo shoots. The mount has held up pretty well after almost a month of having it on. I give our work a 4 star because we should have used. A slightly thicker grade of metal because at higher speeds it does gently press against the bumper but doesn't leave a mark of make any noise. We have since resolved the solution by welding on a tiny support brace behind it to keep itself stable.




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