315 HP
290 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3384 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
19 MPG

2014 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Sedan (Dark Gray Metallic) Mods and upgrades (relative to the bone-stock car as it was on the dealership lot): Debadged: rear SUBARU IMPREZA SYMMETRICAL AWD letters Subaru fog light kit Subaru vortex generator on roof Subaru SPT turbo boost gauge Subaru SPT performance catback exhaust Subaru rubberized floormats and cargo tray GTSPEC D-shaped steering wheel Forcewerkz urethane front lip RallyArmour mudflaps (red) Gorilla lug nuts (red) Red accents around car (Plastidip) Various shift knobs, currently using red knob from the 2015 STI Cusco front strut tower brace Bought this STI new on December 28th, 2013 because I was not fond of the redesign for 2015 (although the new styling has grown on me).  I actually bought the car before I learned how to drive stick!  That was a bit of a nerve-wracking decision, but I had confidence that I could learn quickly, with my father and two brothers being very proficient and good teachers. Within 3 minutes of leaving the dealership, my older brother (who was driving the STI home while I rode with my younger bro) was pulled over by the cops.  No tickets were issued.  And so the legend of Betty the Whip began... Over the next week I learned how to drive Betty with my father and two brothers taking turns coaching me in a local community college empty parking lot.  Twice during that week, cops came and pulled me over (in an empty parking lot...).  I guess a car with this kind of styling and a huge rear wing raises suspicions when it's prowling up and down a wide expanse of tarmac.  The second time, the officer came up to my window and the first words out of his mouth were, no kidding, "This car's fast as fuck, huh?"  Sensing this was a trap, and confident that the truth was on my side, I replied, "I wouldn't know, Officer.  I've only been going 20 MPH in this parking lot... I'm learning how to drive stick!"  Upon hearing this, the officer looked the car up and down, paused, and said, "Fair enough." Three police stops in the first week.  But thankfully no tickets.  Betty's legend had grown... Week 2, I decided to take a nice scenic drive with my father and two brothers.  All of a sudden, what appeared to be a small bat flew across the highway just as my car was cruising by.  The hood nicked the poor little guy, and it seemed to still make it clear of the car, just barely.  That was pretty shocking.  But whatever.  On with the drive!  We stopped at a fast food joint along the road for lunch and then for no particular reason my brothers and I decided to pop the hood and check out the engine and fluids.  But to our horror, we discovered a dead bird on the top-mounted intercooler (pictured in my photo gallery)!!!  My younger brother was too squeamish to pick it up, but I, being a biologist, just took a paper towel and picked the little guy up by its feet.  Upon close inspection, it was obvious that the head was missing.  This bird was decapitated!  And then it dawned on us.  That bat was no bat.  It was a bird!  And that bird did not clear the hood.  Only its head cleared the hood!  The blood splatter on the hood bore witness to the ghastly event.  Betty's hood scoop had swallowed up the body while the head came clean off and continued along its path of flight!!  Holy shit!  This Whip had tasted first blood!!   So much commotion during Betty's first two weeks of freedom.  Indeed, her legend had grown... DISCLAIMER: All of the events described above are 100% TRUE.  You can't make this shit up, people!  It's just too absurd....  I'm a scientist, not a creative writer! I've kept the car stock from a performance standpoint, except for the upgraded SPT catback exhaust (which I mainly got for the enhanced sound).  But I've added lots of superficial or "styling" mods inside and outside the car to reflect my own aesthetic vision for this car.  This revolved around a consistent theme of bright red highlights and accents intended to "pop out" against the dark background of the rest of the car.  Exterior red highlighting accomplished via application of red plastidip at strategic locations including hood scoop, side front bumper vents, rear bumper trim around the exhaust tips, and semi-rectangular trim piece just above rear license plate.  Front lip from Forcewerkz adds an aggressive "front fang" effect to the face of the car.  And the lip's flexible urethane construction means that it won't break if/when I hit it on a slope. At the rear, a large red decal of Ayrton Senna pays homage to one of the most talented racing drivers ever.  But for me, his humanitarian side has left a legacy of compassion that equals his exploits on the race track.   This is my reasonably priced compact family sedan.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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[]Eric Octavio Campos

Thanks! Wrap will yield a much cleaner and refined finish. The advantage of plastidip for me was that it was cheap and fast, but the edges are in some places rough. You can only notice the imperfections on my car if you get like 2 feet away, though, which is acceptable for me.

[]Aaron Williams

Love the accents I'm thinking of doing something similar with my '07's wrap.

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