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Eric Simmons

I just build engines nothing special here is my facebook
Eric Simmons881 days ago

so anyone out there with a SBF 5.0 need some advice as to what i can and cannot upgrade on my flareside nite trying to set the truck up for the dunes at the beach and I also want to know what are somethings i need to look out for like any common flaws or problems these engines have

Eric Simmons1151 days ago

Might be looking at some rims in the future. is anyone selling a set of 17x9.5 that can fit 275 tires?

Eric Simmons1202 days ago

So this summer I'm going to start working on my new project which is this 92 ford f150 flareside! Hopefully things go smoothly

Eric Simmons1202 days ago

I have to give a shout out to Matt Farah for the review was a lot of fun and I'm glad you enjoyed the car

Eric Simmons1237 days ago

dam oil pan started leaking and now im smoking all over the place XP

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