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        I found this gem in Tacoma about 10 years ago. She was in sad shape but I knew she was worthy of saving. They guy selling her wasn't even home when I got there, he told me the key was under the floor mat so I cranked her, off I went and the rest is history. Afterwards I offered him what I thought was fair ($1100?), he accepted and threw in a bunch of spare parts....for some reason I declined on the 13" panoramas but I took the Recaros. Lol.  I drove her home, barely running, no defrost and questionable signal lights....all while my g/f was laughing at me. Curse her! 10 years later I couldn't be happier. New paint and body work (although I'm not happy with the nose work...I've sourced a used nose so that's next), new brakes all the way around, header, IE exhaust and stage 2 lowering springs, Bilsteins too, short shifter, Momo steering wheel, center console rebuild , brand spanking new Weber 38/38, new glass and gaskets, driveline seals, motor mounts, euro turn signals, Esty carpet and a sweet Alpine system w/amp.  Engine runs strong and healthy.  My next few projects are H4's, tail light resto, headliner and I hope to get my BBS wheels on for the summer.   I have a pullback rag-top by Britax but still on the fence about installing it....and thoughts out there?

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        []Michael B. Gonzales

        Man I love these cars. Def fill out your parts list as I will (hopefully soon) be looking to do a build on one.

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