unk HP
unk LB-FT
Curb Weight
unk LB
Engine Size
3 L
Transmission Type
6sp 02M
MPG (City/Highway)

Howdy. I found this car on craigslist for $350 as a bare shell. I had just blown the engine in my other VR6 GTI,  and figured what the hell...Both cars were 2000 GTI GLX, both Orange. This one had no engine or trans, interior of any kind other than a dash and a cage, no fenders, bumpers, and was rough to say the least on the outside.  The previous owner had also already shaved the body and door mouldings, kinda, but left some rust behind. I took it to a local body shop, who repaired the rusty rockers and primed it for me. I ended up painting the car myself which I had never done before, but I am ok with how it turned out. I stole pretty much everything out of the other car, and started building. The car is currently a daily driver, originally I was going to track it and drive other stuff but, ya know, life. Oh well.

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[]Tabitha Blagdon

Welcome to Wheelwell! Love the mods on the GTI so far. Any other big plans?

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