OEM VW .:R32 Spindles

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OEM VW .:R32 Spindles






The stock spindles on the TDI’s have 2 major issues. The first being what is an issue with both TDI, but also the GTI as well. The balljoints mounts are very short and don’t provide the ideal suspension geometry for proper handlings the control arms sit at a very harsh angle, especially when lowered. The second major issue is stock spindles have built in caliper carriers. Which makes it not possible to upgrade the brakes without the upgrade to gti. Upgrading to GTI helps with being able to upgrade the brakes, but you still have the suspension issue. .:R32 spindles solves this by elongating where the balljoints mounts which flattens the angle of the control arms. This also makes it much much easier to change balljoints as standard GTI and GOLF doesn’t allow you enough space to access the bolt, which usually results in cutting the balljoints shaft. All of these perks are noticeable in handling and are a must when you have handling first priority in your build. Just wish they weren’t so heavy!




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