270 HP
295 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3710 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
22 MPG
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        Bought late May 2018 with just under 41k miles. It needs some cosmetic attention to be perfect. Mods will be light, tune and bolt-on's. Don't let the Buick badge fool you, this car boogies! I was in a weird place with cars when I found this one. I had just scrapped my 85 Celica GT-S and was stuck driving the only car I could afford, the free 99 Altima hand me down car I endured for four years, an eternity to someone who loves driving. The dilemma arose when I began shopping for a car I could use every day but will keep me grinning. If you're reading this you know what I'm talking about. I looked everywhere! Fords mad Focus and Fiesta ST are awesome to drive, but I can't roll up to a meeting in one and be taken seriously. I have a bizarre aversion to owning a German car so the obvious is right out. I set my hopes on the Saab 9-5 but couldn't find a car that ticked all my 9-5 boxes. I found the car that ticked all the boxes at a Kia dealer. This car was sitting out back, fresh cut grass stuck to the side. I came to this dealership after looking for a GS with a manual at the Buick dealership next door and had put all hope of driving one today out of my mind. I loved the car after the test drive and was ready to make an offer well under what they had it listed for. So low, I didn't want to tell the salesperson. She introduced me to the manager who said I could have the car for what he had in it as it was going to auction in a few hours. This was the car to dollar deal of the century! The third iteration of the Regal GS is an oddball for sure. GM took aim at 3-Series and C-Class buyers but knew those classy folks wouldn't accept anything less than European elegance and prestige. Not having anything in the USD Market to rebadge for the more discerning sedan buyer, GM looked to their Opel division for something to pass off as Sports Sedan. They found the Insignia. Does the Buick Insignia work as a Luxury Sports Sedan? Kinda. For starters, The General withheld the most thrilling trim level, the OPC featuring a turbo six cylinder with AWD and a proper 3 pedal arrangement. If GM had sold the Regal at it's nearly $40K price tag with those awesome attributes I'd wager we would see a lot more young professionals driving Regals and a new stereotype would have been born. However, the Accountants got involved and cooler heads prevailed. This Regal GS has the 2.0L LHU 4 cylinder mated to a F40 six-speed driving the front wheels. So while it is no spaceship the car does get passed a semi quicker than any Buick before it. The real appeal of this car is two-fold. Its method of delivering power is reminiscent of old Saabs, a good amount of lag followed by a wave of torque that makes the car feel like it's jumping out of its own skin. And the handling. This thing sticks! I've never owned anything that will hold lateral G quite like this Regal GS. All Season tires stand no chance against the mass of this car and its cornering prowess. (In Progress)

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        []Ernie Szots

        Buick has not been playing for several years now. Almost saving the GM brand. I hadn't taken a close look at these Regals. Yours looks great. I really like the aggressive and stylish body lines.

        []Evan Kelso

        Thanks man! If you can get one out for a drive I highly recommend it. Try to find a 2012-13, they deliver their power much differently than the 14 which has a more linear powerband. The 12 and 13 "suffer" from turbo lag like older FI sports cars. Boost comes on around 2500 RPM and just goes crayyyyy the higher you wind it.

        []Ernie Szots

        Awesome. Would love to see some more pics, especially interior shots, if you have the time.

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