206 HP
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302 L
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        Welcome to my wheel page. I first acquired the 86 mustang lx 5.0 back in 2002 after being car less for over 1 year. It had its rough edges and still does til this day as its been a tough road to upgrade everything due to its age and finances . But I do from time to time get thumbs up from people telling me how nice the car looks or get the "you wanna sell your 5.0?"As well as how a person had one in high school way back in the day when foxbody mustangs were new. As time passed and I got older I drove the car more for appreciation and less rough driving but only to understand what the car does in poor situations.I had no idea what I wanted out of the car until I saw a photo of an 80s model foxbody saleen. Then the creative juices started flowing and I began searching for parts to convert my car to saleen standards.As of today I haven't found everything but I did complete the bodykit complete with saleen stamping on the bodykit pieces.In 2010 I participated in the mile of mustangs cruise to knottsberry farm in southern California.Prior to the cruise I had just a few weeks to repair my car from a bad freeze plug.Ended up pulling engine and transmission and replacing any seals that may leak since they were probably as old as the car itself.Test drove my car with just a week left to make sure everything was good.The cruise came and I made it to southern California and 2 tanks of gas later. That Saturday I ended up going with a group to corona ca to saleens facility for an open house meet and greet. Met the man himself as well as his daughter molly saleen who was our tour guide of the building. Boy does she know cars !!Anyways saleen finished his poster signing and went outside to sign some mustangs. Man did I feel lucky when saleen signed my dash. Of course I got molly to sign it as well. The road trip was well worth it and hope to do it again soon. Now I just got to finish what I started with this car for people to enjoy fake or not its a tribute. This is my story and Thanks for reading

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