Actually this was my mechanics car that i got to borrow from him when my BMW was in the shop. I already had plans of selling it so and I just loved the Volvo. So when I came back to pick up my car I also asked if I could buy his car from him, 1 week later it was mine! I didn’t choose the car, the car chose me ;). I fell in love with the engine, but then later i found potential in the looks of the car, love the feeling when you buy a car with no ”street cred” and then later turning it to something that turns everyones heads!

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[]Gregory Garoppolo

What size wheel and tire combination are you running?

[]Jon Dagata

Where is this photo of the white steelies? Not seeing them. :)

[]Filip Larsson

If you go to my profile and press ”Wall” and just scroll a lil bit they should be there, otherwise i can link them?

[]Jon Dagata

Found em! haha. Nice!

[]Filip Larsson

Haha Thx!

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