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Ride along with both a turbocharged and a supercharged ND Miata on track. The turbo car is rocking the BBR turbo system, available from Flyin' Miata. The supercharged car is boosted with the Edelbrock supercharger, available from Flyin' Miata. Both cars were on Flyin' Miata Fox Racing suspension with Flyin' Miata Little Big Brake Kits. Tires on the turbo car were RE71Rs, the supercharged car had Yokohama S.drives and was down on

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Think V8 Miatas don't handle and are uncontrollable? Take a ride around a kart track in one and see. The car is Indy, Flyin' Miata's first V8 Miata built on the 2016 ND platform. It weighs right around 2600 lbs, has an LS376/525 crate engine rated at 525 hp and is running on Bridgestone street tires. Suspension is from Fox Racing, and the car is set up as a street car. More about it here: The

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A brief tour of the track going clockwise. The car is Andy, one of Flyin' Miata's development cars. It's a 2016 Miata fitted with a BBR turbo, Flyin' Miata midpipe and Flyin' Miata Hush-O-Matic exhaust. Suspension is Flyin' Miata Fox Stage 2, brakes are the FM Wilwood Stage 2 BBK and tires are a set of 225 section Bridgestone RE71R. The video was shot during a hot weather testing session, and is one of about 35 laps

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A customer has requested a 575 hp Lingenfelter LS3 for his 2016 Miata. Here's the test run on the engine dyno - check out those glowing headers! This will be going in to one of our acclaimed Flyin' Miata Habus, the 2600 lb roadster built out of a Miata. You can see the build of the car here: For more information on the cars, see here.

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Yes, it's soft focus. That's due to the NSFW nature of this video. Now turn it up! The first sound sample of our active exhaust for the 2016 ND V8. Under light throttle, it runs through a couple of mufflers for interstate comfort. Give it a poke, and butterflies open up that give a straight shot past the mufflers. It's got a real bark. We're still fine-tuning the sound of the mufflers, so that may change. When the

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A max acceleration test run of the world's first V8-powered ND chassis Miata. You can hear the car chirp 4th gear. Performance numbers from this test will not be released until later. The car is equipped with an LS376/525 crate engine and has been completely re-engineered by the folks at Flyin' Miata.

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So, we were working on the gauges and CAN bus integration, and figured it would be a lot easier if the engine was running. And thus a large noise came out of a small car, and it was good. More information on this car at Some of the gauges are working now, and more are coming online all the time. Flyin' Miata is currently a very happy place.

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This is a turbo Miata engine at startup. The car was at room temperature to start. You can see the turbo get hot almost immediately.

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Want to turn your track Miata into a rallycross monster in no time? Do you have a track-ready Exocet that just needs - NEEDS! - to sling mud? Check out the easy-to-install 3" lift kit from Paco Motorsports, available through Flyin' Miata. Includes a walk-through of the parts as well as some very dirty footage of the lift kit installed on a turbo Exocet along with 30" tires. Just plain stupid fun. Available through Flyin' Miata:

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The Hush-O-Matic is the first active exhaust for the Miata. It adjusts the volume of your exhaust depending on what you're doing and can even be controlled electronically. Includes an introduction to the technology as well as recordings of the exhaust under a variety of conditions with the top up and down. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's better than Cats. Yes, that's a 30-year-old SNL reference. Available exclusively from Flyin' Miata.

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Take a 250 hp, 1500 lb turbocharged track toy, a 3" lift kit and add some big tires. How much fun would that be? We'll have more video for you soon... All parts are available from Flyin' Miata (

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Want to hear what the new exhaust we're testing for the ND sounds like? Take a ride along! We recorded it from the tailpipe and inside the car, top up and top down. We also caught the (awful) cold start cat light-off sound just because. This is not the "Hush-O-Matic" active exhaust we've tested on a long road trip, it's basically the ND Global Cup exhaust with a catalytic converter added. 12.7 lb weight loss and approximately 10

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The Transformer roll bar from Hard Dog fabrication can convert from a low street bar to a tall track bar in just a few minutes. It fits all 2006-15 Miata MX-5s. This video shows the transformation. The bar is available exclusively from Flyin' Miata. More information and pricing:

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Interested in a QuickJack but have a narrow garage? You can't drive over the lifting units, but you can straddle them. The lift comes with handles for just this purpose. The Miata in this video is running a Flyin' Miata Stage 2.5 suspension and 175/65-14 snow tires, and the jack will compress to 3" high. We have other videos that show the vehicle actually being lifted, the purpose of this one is to show that you can

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The Ranger QuickJack is an easy way to get a low car up off the ground. In under two minutes, you can have the car up the air and stable. There's enough room to change the transmission at the highest setting, or you can lock the jack at a lower height so it's easy to work around and under the engine bay. This version is rated for 3500 lbs and is easily portable. Available from Flyin' Miata.

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It's alive! It's been a long gestation for this car, but the 525 hp Chevy is now running and crackling even at idle. This is the first car we've built with these long-tube headers and you can hear their extra crackle in this clip. We're looking forward to the first drive. The car is a 2004 Mazda Miata with a 6.2 liter Chevy V8 crate engine installed by Flyin' Miata. The entire drivetrain is beefed up to

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XXXocet track video! This is from the first test session in late September. The car is an Exocet kit car, built with a 556 hp LSA crate engine - that's a supercharged 6.2L V8. The engine is actually an E-Rod so it's a low emissions setup. Yes, this car would be legal in California. The whole car is built with Flyin' Miata parts, from the brakes to the suspension to the headers. We had to build some

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This video is really just for the sound. The camera car is a 2008 Miata with an LS3 and a hand-built exhaust system using a Vibrant muffler. You can hear how this exhaust has a higher pitch than the usual Flyin' Miata V8 exhaust systems. The blue chase car also runs an LS3 and is on well-worn Nitto NT01 race tires. Our attempt to make an exciting track video failed miserably - but it sounds cool.

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What do you use as a chase car for a 525 hp Miata on the track? Another 525 hp Miata, of course. Crank the volume for this one. The black car was built by Flyin' Miata for a customer, who's on his first track outing with the car. It's got a 6.2 liter LS376/525 crate motor, which is rated at 525 hp by GM Performance Parts. The transmission is a T56 Magnum from Rockland Gears, and the rear

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A 1999 Miata on the dyno. The car's fitted with an FM II turbo system using a Hydra ECU, a Flyin' Miata 3" exhaust and stock engine internals. It pulled 263 rear wheel horsepower (uncorrected) at 5000' elevation. 10 psi of boost.

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We built this car at Flyin' Miata as a streetable race car. It's running an LS375/525 crate engine. Here's the first dyno run. The result was 432 hp and 417 ft-lbs, with 300 ft-lbs or more available from 1500 rpm to redline. The video starts with a run through the gears, then the dyno pull at the end. We were testing a new camera, and it couldn't deal with the sound level! The whine is the rear wheels

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We built an LS3-powered Miata intended for enduro road race use. One of the challenges was putting out lots of light. Here's the solution - a light pod that can be pre-adjusted and quickly installed. A new set of tires takes about 45 seconds, this light pod takes about the same. If there's a problem with the big lights, the stock units can still be popped up and used in case of emergency. But as you can see, the

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One of Flyin' Miata's V8-powered Miatas on the dyno. The car sports an unmodified E-ROD LS3 rated at 430 crank horsepower. This run was good for 399 hp and 390 ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheels. The exhaust system is one custom-made for this application. For more information about these cars, see our website.

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The first drive is always fun. And there's something about these cars that encourages a certain level of hooliganism. So, here is the first drive of our shop Exocet. It's missing the bodywork (such as it is), lights, a passenger seat, etc...but that doesn't mean it isn't ridiculously fun right off the bat. The Exocet is a kit car that drops a stiff space frame on top of the proven Miata running gear. It's a relatively quick build

Flyin' Miata was established in 1983 as The Dealer Alternative, specializing in the repair and servicing of Porsche, Audi and VW products. Bill started looking for customers in those pre-Internet days by leaving flyers under the wipers of various cars. One day in 1989 one of our Porsche customers came by and threw us the keys to his brand new Miata and we fell in love. Within a couple of months we had turbocharged our own Miata and a new business was born.
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