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        This is my 85 Corolla. This car was given to me by my friend Don for Christmas in 2013. I loved this car from th moment I saw the picture. It had been sitting under a tree for a few years collecting pine needles and building rust before the car was found by a family friend who fixed up cars in his garage for a living.  In May of 2014 Don passed away and I told myself I would make this car run like new again to show appreciation for the gift he had given me.  New parts started going in and others collected for future projects. I plan on replacing everything I can until the car is spotless in all regards.

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        []Scott Malloy

        hey, i just started an 86 owners club and thought you might be interested in joining. wheelwell.com/club/56007ef6fb5755796c6f5277/?location=register&group_id=56007ef6fb5755796c6f5277

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