Brake horsepower
170 bhp
181 LB-FT
miles per gallon (city)
19 mpg
miles per gallon (Hwy)
28 mpg
tank capacity
16.6 gal
curb weight
3406 lbs
length (inches)
176.3 in
body width
68.5 in
body height
55.5 in
107.3 in
0 to 60 mph
8.8 sec
engine size
2.5 L

For nearly 2.5 years i have been on the look out for a new daily driver, so i could retire the Mare from DD duties and focus the build more on being a dedicated track car. I searched far and wide for a car i wanted, and criteria were that of: being a 4 door; being a 4 or 6 cylinder; being a car that has lots of room for trips; being something i wouldn't mind driving everywhere and the car had to get better gas mileage than the Mustang which was surprisingly 17/26. I also wanted an awd vehicle, but it wasn't a deal breaker. The 2 type of cars i settled on were the 1990-2009 Subaru Legacy GT wagon and an E46 or E39 Wagon. While the possibility of finding a 323xit or 325xit was out there, the odds of finding one in my budget and with reasonably low miles was posing rather difficult. I eventually found my wagon for sale by the original owner off craigslist for an asking price of 2k and 172k on the clock. I picked her up for 1600 and now the rest is history.

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