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Part wanted


Knightstown, IN

215/65/17 dodge magnum act rims and tires

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What do you guys think also what can I do to make better

[]Antoni Dabrowski

I'd definitely start off by fixing the headlights too and the paint. After that I'd probably go for a different set of wheels and retint it. Beyond there the world is your oyster, bag it, put it on coils, do a charger front end swap, etc

[]Robert Sixto

Like Wilson mentioned, buffing those headlights and recoating is a good first step. I'd say go a step further and give the whole car an in depth detail in and out, polish the paint up nicely. It's amazing how much that alone can really rejuvenate a car. My best advice is just tackle what you can, whenever you get even a little time. Things are much easier to get done in smaller bites, rather than trying to save up tons of parts and a list of jobs to do all at once.

[]Franklin Elliott

Thanks I appreciate it

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I'd probably start by either refinishing or replacing those headlights. It looks like the coating on them is pretty much gone so you may want to consider putting on some clear coat if you end up refinishing them. I'd probably also upgrade the wheels and tires, put on a nice exhaust, and maybe change out the grill on it.

[]Franklin Elliott

Thanks I've just been kinda t a stand still and didn't know where to start

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