-27/02/2017: The Bodykit order is placed before i even had the car -04/04/2017: Car won at auction in Japan (140.000km) -18/04/2017: Interior is getting stripped to remove the ugly orange interior and replaced with an oem one -18/05/2017: Order is placed for a set of Work Meister S1 3PC (Front: 18” 9.5j ET -26 / Rear: 18” 11j ET -33) -26/05/2017: The car departed from Japan and arrived in Germany approximately in the first week of July 2017 -10/07/2017: The car has been unloaded from the ship -01/08/2017: The car arrived at the shop The S15 bodykit was not in the container together with the other kit since the moulds were faulty and they had to make a new one -08/08/2018: The wheels arrived in Switzerland where i then collected them and brought personally to the shop -18/09/2017: The kit arrived but DHL broke it during shipping, they had to ship a new one -09/11/2017: The kit finally arrived intact after 256 days since the order -10/01/2018: I ordered the Airrex struts and preordered the AccuAir ENDO-CVT Tank together with the eLevel Management -07/03/2018: The Struts arrived -19/04/2018: The ENDO Tank arrived after many production delays

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