236 HP
265 LB-FT
Curb Weight
~3000 LB
Engine Size
1,6 L
Transmission Type
6 Man
Top Speed
143 MPH
Zero to Sixty
7.7 Seconds
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        Dude from Sweden here. (More pics and video of it here: http://www.garaget.org/?car=372061 ) So the story about the KIA is kinda short. I used to own Volvos (but hey, im a swede..). But i got a bit tired of it at the time and decided that i was going to try something else. So i went crazy and bought a almost new KIA Pro_Cee'd GT+ (Really wierd name). This car is for the European and Australian market only. The plan for the car was to keep it stock. Didnt wanna spend that much money, just wanted to drive it. Well.. That didn't work out.. First thing i did was to get a tune on it. It woke the car up really nicely. Since it has a variable turbo on it, it's packing quite the punch. Next up was wheels. Stock ones looked fine. But i wanted bigger and better. So i bought a set of Tenzo-R 19" wheels. Which looks great! After that i did the exhaust. For a small sporty hatchback it sounded lame compared to some of its rivals. So it's now fitted with a costum built stainless steel exhaust making growl as it should! Plans for it iin the future will be suspension and more poweeeerr!

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