190 HP
190 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2850 +/- 50 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24-30 MPG

FULL STORY The FULL story is incredibly long, and can be found on NewTiburon here .  3D-PRINTED TIBURON The most prominent feature about my car is the lip kit that I designed which I 3D-printed and put together onto my car. That story can be found on NewTiburon here . SHORT STORY If you don't have the time to read the full story (I don't blame you), this sums up the last six years of ownership: I wanted a GK Tiburon since I discovered it when I was 11 years old I bought mine when I was 18, and didn't pick up the best example I went through a lot of rough times over the first few years, but I learned an incredible amount and am now as confident as I have dreamed to be A series of modifications followed after the rough years and am continuing to live my dream  Although I have quite a few modifications done to this car, I always modify with the intention of keeping the soul of the Tiburon intact. In other words, I am doing my best to bring the best out of this car, without it becoming another car altogether. FUN FACT I am satisfied with my printed lip kit, but, I am in the process of redoing it, where the flares will see the most significant change. Stay TUNED! - Progress on that on my DriveTribe "3DP" & instagram @gk27v6

Discuss this build

[]Mister Modtomic

I remember when this iteration of the Tiburon was introduced. Magazines I respect like Grassroots Motorsport and Sports Compact Car gushed all over the GT model both because of it's great V6 power AND it's formidable handling. So weird how most everybody has forgotten about these fantastic cars.

[]Gabriel Otrin

Man, those were the days haha. Yeah times just change quickly, and somehow this car always remained a little more underground than the rest of the sport compacts of that decade, but that's all good with me. I can agree, the V6 is excellent despite being a simple engine (no VVT or other tech) but I love it, it's got soul. And it sounds so so good. Especially with the exhaust setup I have it sounds rather exotic. I will have to get a better quality sound clip once I have this car back on the road again.

[]Tom Armstrong

Damn this is badass, and a V6 too. how do you like the performance?

[]Gabriel Otrin

Thanks! And it's not too bad, I'm satisfied with it certainly for street use, but I've always had it in mind to supercharge it some day, which will happen, but I barely have time as it is just to even get the exterior done. No trouble though, everything is all planned out.

[]Christopher McDowell El

Seriously, this is a clean ass Tiburon. Makes me wonder why it took the Genesis to make a RWD car..

[]Gabriel Otrin

Thanks sir! I really need to update my profile, I've made a lot of progress rebuilding the whole exterior.

[]Blaze Carr

Respect! Looks awesome.

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