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Wicked sounding Cadillac CTS-V exiting the HUR meet at Bombshells in Spring, TX on Aug 23, 2016.

This is an excellent example of an homage to the Yenko S/C. The body houses a fully built 427 with forged internals and solid prop shaft. It also has upgraded half shafts and a fully reinforced subframe. The suspension has been addressed with Hotchkis pieces and the transmission has been built to withstand the massive power and torque. Over 600 hp to the wheels and torque to match. A 300 shot of nitrous is

A great turnout of vehicles at the meet. This is the event to check out. You never know what's going to show up.

A look at what was still around at the end of the meet.

This is how you build a Subie This excellent example made an appearance at HUR's Bombshells meet on 07/11/2016.

Because everybody loves exhaust videos, here's a clip of the e90 clearing it's throat a bit.

We'll be showcasing a customer's car next week, so stay tuned and meet Kennedy and his e46 sedan.

Picking up a set of springs with my sales associates

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Going to stretch the Jaguar's legs. Haven't driven it in two weeks. Out to lunch I go.

A little sound bite of the 330i as we head home.

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