522 HP
498 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3501 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.7 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
16/20 MPG

When I bought this V6 I set myself a mission. Make it a damn fine Touge car, track day capable, daily driver. Tall order I know right? Over the next year I started with suspension bits, adding here and there. Then came the driveshaft and tune. For those unfamiliar with the driveshaft issues from factory, it's a two piece unit that will break and send the front half thru the floor over 110 mph. Next was crafting an exhaust note that met my meticulous ears. After a combination of BBK shorty headers, custom x pipe and RTR axlebacks, I arrived at the current sound. Not intrusively loud, but with a muted authoritative burble... and NO DRONE OR RASP. I was fine with this setup until Tougefest 2018. She handled great but there as just no power. That was when I decided on calling up Stage 3 Motorsports for a Procharger kit. They hooked me up with the P1X package. Install was... laborious. The prepackaged tune was lacking the oomph I was craving, so down to Carolina Mustangs in Travelers Rest SC. There the amazing J Davis set about tuning the car. We came to find that the kits injectors and fuel pump were maxing out at 5,700 rpm. After adding new injectors and a fuel pump she topped out at 522 RWHP and 498 Ft Lbs. The car happily provided many smiles until life happened. My Grandfather passed away and my Grandmother came to live with me. At first she was ok getting in and out of my Mustang and I had just purchased a new Corvette Grand Sport... but as it became harder and harder for her I decided my grandmother was more important than this silly car I'd labored over... I traded the Mustang in after bringing dozens of vehicles home for her to try and get in and out of easily (she settled on a Focus ST to be chauffeured around in). But this is not the end of this tale. My Grandmother passed away at the end of 2019, peacefully. Sad note, I know. Afterwards I had to get rid of the Focus, it was just too much for me... and after much trading (ZL1 Camaro, CTS-V, BRZ) I ended up with 0 debt and finding the Mustang being placed on the local used lot where I had traded it in! I'll admit I shed a tear, as my Grandmother had felt I shouldn't have given up my car for her, but here it was! So, I now have the car back. Interim owner took good care of her, added a boost gauge and upgraded clutch. (Someone backed into the front slightly while I was signing the paperwork but that's getting taken care of) Looking forward to track days, touge meets, and car shows in the future!

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