Lover of older muscle cars, cant get enough. My first love with the GM F-body was when i was about 18 and I purchased a pretty rough looking 73 camaro and then bumped into another much better one but due to lack of storage space i had to let go of both of them. I purchased a 400 dollar 86 trans am that i drove around and then decided to purchase a smacked 88 GTA that i fixed and used parts from the 86 to fix it up. i still own that car today and it will need restoration again after owning it 21 years. i bought another 88 GTA hardtop and that was destroyed when NYC had an exposed manhole cover that was covered by a puddle of water. i purchased the 73 firebird above and me and my daughter absolutely fell in love with the car, we took countless trips in the cars,. I believe cars should be driven not stored, life is very unexpected and you just dont know when your last day on earth will be. enjoy what you have while you can. I almost sold this 73 to get a different one and my daughter cried and asked me not to, so of course i did not sell it and now i sadly lost my daughter to an accident in 2016 and will always keep this car in her memory. I was widowed already 10 years when i lost her and miss her so much. I had given her a 72 Chevy C-10 that she loved so much and wanted to restore together until she was old enough to drive.

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