So I had my 120d and my Nissan Skyline, but the skyline started going wrong in every way you could think, so was time to sell up and move on. I never planned to buy the M135i, but went for a test drive and my god did this car impress me, all with the familiar interior of my 120d! Sytner High Wycombe offered me a great price for the 120d and I had a bit of spare cash laying about, and the rest is history! Time to get modding this, unfortunately I am saving for a house at the moment, so must mod funds aren't what they used to be when I had the skyline :( but we will get there eventually!

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[]Chris Dirkschneider

Ohhhh these are soooo nice.... If only I could get one of these in the USA!

[]Geoff Collins

Is the M235i the only one you can get stateside?

[]Chris Dirkschneider

We have zero new hatch coupes from BMW right now.... none with the M added to it for sure... unless someone isn't sharing this info!

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