268 HP
258 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3252 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
Automated Manual
Top Speed
155 MPH
Zero to Sixty
5.4 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
25/32 MPG

I bought this off my manager as my previous Clio Sport 172 had a interplanetary 212K miles on it by the time i'd finished with it - probably the most reliable French car ever and bundles of fun ! The Audi's great in wet weather but find the lack of power/torque doesn't really suit the amount of traction the cars got, it'd be more fun on some 225's rather than the 245's spec'd. It'd also benefit from a remap but am planning on selling it to get something that steers from the rear. Comfortable, nippy and reliable, but not setting my world on fire !

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