150 HP
155 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3122 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.8 L
Cylinder Count
Engine Configuration
Transmission Type
24 MPG

Purchased 3 years ago, this car was built by John Smeets who previously conpeted in the series when it was called Solo 1. I had to go though the car to ensure it was dependable. Worse problem it has was the engine mounts. In one of the pictures you can see I blew them out in a race and shifted the engine. Only engine change was done by John who put in a K04 turbo which is less than a 10% increase from the K03. This event is sanctioned under the Canadian Automobile Sports Clubs Ontario region and you can read up on it here http://www.casc.on.ca/timeattack/about. Note this is grass roots motor sports without any substantial sponsorship or prize money! The series encourages you to race with street cars, and any modifications usually add up and move you to higher categories. This way a Miata can still compete with a Mustang or Corvette based on performance index and pax scores. Many people give me thumbs up for the wing, not sure if it helps but sure makes the car look fast! This car has a roll over protection with minimal modifications. It has done well in the series and placed 1st in the Touring 2 Category. Nice to see that based on scoring and times it has actually beaten some BRZs, BMW and even a Maserati! The car is evolving again because it will be competing in the Champcar Series in the U.S.A. Stay tuned for the changes which will include: * bigger TT front rotors * possible tune * fire suppression * side protection for the driver (only had rollover before) * new seat with han's device * cool suit * oil cooling system utilizing and filter sandwich

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