225 HP
300 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3107 LB
Engine Size
4.9 L
Transmission Type
5 speed
MPG (City/Highway)
Why? MPG

I saw this Mustang about 7-8 years ago at my wife's school. It then belonged to the school secretary and I told her that if she ever wanted to sell the car I would buy it. Fast forward 5 years and I had just sold my Subaru and all the autocross bits I had collected, thought I would ask again if she wanted to sell. She said yes and well the rest is history, as they say. It is now our fun weekend car and autocrosser. I run it at regionals and club events, the Mustang sure is fun autocross.

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[]Glenn Austin

Not that fast around the cones but it sure is fun.

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