155 HP
160 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2699 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.4 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
21 MPG

Ok, so I had originally picked up a hatchback that was nothing but a shell, I mean it didnt even have wiper linkage, no title nothing. As I was working out a game plan for the build and talking with colleagues about the goals and needs for the build the over whelming amount of financial investment that would be needed to go into the car in order just get it to a rolling complete chassis I began to become deterred from the build. Then one day my boss informed me one of his former employees who was working at a local auto recycling center at the time had this lovely mess come in to be crushed with a Clean title.I guess someone had it and just parked it in their moms backyard and moved away. After years of it being abandoned the mom decided it needed to go. After securing the vehicle I needed to begin the process of finding out why the car was parked in the first place. Upon the initial inspection and the cleaning out of all the squirl nest nothing was apparently wrong. But then as I was checking the pulleys I noticed some unusual movement coming from the ac compressor. Upon further inspection I found why the car was parked, the previous owner had thrown the number two rod through the side of the block. And that right there had solidified the plans to swap in a #rb25det . So after getting a key cut the car was pushed into the garage and takedown began. First thing was first the engine and transmission had to come out so there it went up on jack stands. And that's where it lived for the first year of my ownership of it as I tore it down and began putting together a theme,set function and final vision for the build. And that's when she got her name #pidge after the pilot of the #greenlion of voltron (the new pidge not the classic). " if it gets touched, it gets cleaned, refreshed or replaced" and "start with the suspension move to the safety and plumbing then the drivetrain and finish with the cosmetics" those are about the only solid truths my biological father passed down to in the time I spent with him in his shop as a kid. And that's the philosophy I've carried out upon every build I've embarked on. So with that as a staple, I began acquiring piece by piece all adjustable control arms, upgraded to a #5lugconversion , rebuilt the rack and pinion, cleaned up the underside searching for rust sprayed rust barrier applied new seam sealer and a new layer or three of undercoating before putting everything together with the #teinusa #flexz #coilovers . Now a little over a year and a half later I've made arrangements to send pidge out to a semi local fabricator #turn5fabrication to get the cage installed the #chasebays #tuckedradiator and #fuelsafe #fuelcell cradle fabricated.. and that's where we are up to date in the beginning of 2020.

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