Product review

What made you choose this particular product?

Second seto of OEM mounts failed. Upgrade by way of Replace.

Is this your first time buying from this brand? Did you consider other brands?

No it is not. I have considered purchasing Audi RS4 mounts too.

Was it easy to install? Any installation tips that will help others?

Not too hard. Best to jack front of engine.

Once you've had a chance to use the product, did it meet your expectations?

It's a little harder than I would like. Looking forward to see if they will break in.

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[]Gregg Brodka

So after few thousand miles I have to say; these are some hard mounts. Not like what I believed ECS sold them as . I may be pulling them out as soon as I can to upgrade them to a more sensible vibration less RS4 mounts.

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