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Haris Bijedic

Carol Stream, Illinois

I'm an car enthusiast & love creating videos. Check out my youtube channel Fullthrottle Auto for shows events and other fun stuff.


I'm someone who loves the automotive industry & can't wait to race cars. Until then I'm making content on YouTube of my passion for vehicles
Haris Bijedic11 days ago

New video is officially up. Here is the video for Supercar Saturdays... MORE

Haris Bijedic26 days ago

New video is finally out! Here is a quick video of the Uncle Harry's... MORE

Haris Bijedic35 days ago

Here's a new video. Here is my #vlog

Haris Bijedic37 days ago

Here it is, my video for the Stay ill Clothing - SIC Season Opener... MORE

Haris Bijedic38 days ago

https://www.instagram.com/fullthrottle_auto/If you're looking for... MORE

Haris Bijedic39 days ago

Here is a new vlog. I went to Concept Haulers Motor Speedway... MORE

Haris Bijedic41 days ago

Here is a second part to Import Face Off

Haris Bijedic41 days ago

The new video is out. Here is my video of Import Face Off

Haris Bijedic47 days ago

This morning was a lot of fun. Supercar Saturdays

Haris Bijedic47 days ago

New vlog

Haris Bijedic57 days ago

Here is it! Last weekends Driftchitown event #Driftchitown

Haris Bijedic59 days ago

Here it is. New vlog

Haris Bijedic61 days ago

Here it is! The Cars and BBQ event that Nuccio Auto Group threw... MORE

Haris Bijedic66 days ago

New vlog

Haris Bijedic66 days ago

Big thanks to Nuccio Auto Group

Haris Bijedic82 days ago

Another vlog is out. This one not that exciting. There was a lot... MORE

Haris Bijedic90 days ago

Dome Light LED and Nice Weather brings out the Cars | Vlog 23... MORE

Haris Bijedic98 days ago

Driving my car at the Blackhawk Farms Raceway! 🏎 | Vlog 22

Haris Bijedic104 days ago

Going to Iron Gate Motor Condos for the Chrome and Coffee Event... MORE

Haris Bijedic106 days ago

Iron Gate Motor Condos Chrome and Coffee | March 11 2017

Haris Bijedic110 days ago

Transmission Fluid Change for the Honda and Going to World of Wheels... MORE

Haris Bijedic112 days ago

World of Wheels and Tuner Galleria | 2017

Haris Bijedic120 days ago

Race and Performance Expo | 2017