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HaTeD EsPrEssO

I'm a teenager who's really into cars, I own a Pontiac fiero as my first car and I'm looking at a 1991 Miata or a 1991 mustang foxbody. Idk why that was relevant but yea.
HaTeD EsPrEssO234 days ago

Saw this fiero at the fiero factory, it's a gt with T tops!

HaTeD EsPrEssO241 days ago

She's looking great😍

HaTeD EsPrEssO241 days ago

Replacing valve cover gasket

HaTeD EsPrEssO244 days ago

Who doesn't love this 80's nostalgic look.


[]Timothy Markworth

80's interiors are awwright. I love that old car smell. Too bad it comes with the garbage 80's exterior and (usually) 80's powertrain.

[]Adam Mahan

some cars from the 80s still look damn nice. My dads 81 Z28 still has that old muscle car look. I think the following years they got that ugly 80s look

[]Brian Post

80's cars just never did it for me. Loved the cars from the 40's & 50's though. They were truly built from the ground up and very innovating for the times.

[]Robert Sixto

For me it just adds to the fun, everytime I get in the FC, the smell of fuel rich exhaust residue, aging plastics, and whatever other ingredients add to the stew, make it feel like a completely different experience. It was a simpler time.

[]Yves Vds

Love it also! The hard plastics and approximate build quality... but still brings back good memories.

HaTeD EsPrEssO244 days ago

My plan is to take out the cat this weekend.

HaTeD EsPrEssO244 days ago

This was the day of me buying my fiero. I love her😍

[]Brian Post

Such a timeless car - Congratulations on the purchase. Do you have any big plans for the car?

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