Magnaflow 14288 Cat-back Exhaust/Muffler

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Magnaflow 14288 Cat-back Exhaust/Muffler






Long story short, my 4Runner sounds like a monster. The majority of exhausts I've heard on 4Runners and Tacomas with my same engine sounded ok, but were a little high pitched and ricer sounding to me. Henry's ensured me that wouldn't be the case with mine, and wow were they right. It has a very deep rumble that progresses into an aggressive purr through about 2000-2500 rpm. Past that, it transforms into into a deep, throaty roar that resembles an angry version of a GTR. Downshifts with throttle blips usually result in some lovely crackles/pops. It is also surprisingly quiet when cruising, which was pretty important to me since I frequently travel long distances. On another note, the exhaust tip has survived multiple encounters with rocks, so the system is very sturdy. Henry's estimated I'd gain about 15-20 horsepower/lb-ft and both me and my friends can feel some extra power.





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Lacy Ave, raleigh, NC


Henry's Muffler Shop


Instead of going the bolt-on route, Henry's muffler shop did a full custom job for me and cut off the bottom 2 catalytic converter after the sensors, then welded on dual 2.5" pipes that ran straight into the Magnaflow muffler and then to a single 3" pipe out to a 4" double-wall stainless steel tip with a 3" internal diameter. All piping is mandrel bent and stainless steel. With there being no sensors after the cats, removing them threw no error codes and still allow me to pass inspections. I also had them tuck the pipes and muffler up as high as possible to increase my clearance for off roading because I had put some dents in the stock exhaust. Despite the larger pipes, they were able to tuck up the exhaust with no problems.

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