Curb Weight
2300lb LB
Ford 302
Engine Size
5.0 L
Transmission Type
WC T-5
MPG (City/Highway)
20/27 MPG

5.0 powered 260z. Plain and simple. Purists, hate on it. I don't care. Started building it at the age of 15 and haven't stopped since! Engine:- Stock '89 5.0 - Megasquirt II injection- Cold air intakeSuspension/Brakes:- BC Racing coilovers- Toyota 4x4 calipers- Poly bushingsExterior:- Freshly sprayed Lexus Glacier Frost - AP racing mirrors- XXR 527 17x8.25/9.75- Federal 595 and General Tire G-MAX tires.

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[]Mr. Tepignite

Love how the flares look on it.

[]Aaron Muscato

How come you wanna ditch the XXR's? Build quality? Weight? I was recently looking at XXR 531's and 527's (16x8 with a 0 offset) for my own 260z to replace the stock "Iron Cross" wheels. I'm trying to make mine into a grand tourer but I'm all for weight savings and power. I'm curious as to why you don't like them that much and don't wanna make that purchase and regret it. Car looks fantastic btw. I almost went the same route I had a 351w and a world class T-5 ready to be dropped in and then I changed my mind haha

[]Austin Solmonson

Hey beautiful car! My dream car for sure. If you ever decide to sell it then let me know haha. I'm in Washington as well, saw this car at xxx and I fell in love.

[]Hunter Stone

Thanks so much!

[]Rene Garcia / VipdOut_CA

Cars are a part of tuner history. Beautiful example right here !

[]Hunter Stone

Thank you for the kind words!

[]Brandon M.

Beautiful, timeless design. These cars will always look good. Excellent choice for a classic Japanese sports car.

[]Brandon Williams

Please make a youtube video on the car, would love to hear and see the thing rip!

[]Darin Colvey

I like it, have a similar car, but went the 12:1 compression 3.0L stroked L28 works great, old school fum, needs more power :/ No hate

[]Hunter Stone

Much appreciated Aaron and Scott! Videos and pictures are regularly posted on my instagram: hunterdrummer. Enjoy!

[]Scott Stegenga

alright, i gotta see and hear that beast. any videos of the car...5.0 Z sounds like a dream car

[]Aaron Williams

Dude this is awesome! Love the color on this thing too. You have to have more parts in this thing than what you have listed though. Bad ass ride man.

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