350 HP
360 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2500 LB
Engine Size
5.3 L
Transmission Type
T56 Magnum

This truck was originally owned by a friend of my Grandmother's. It was purchased by my father in the late '80s. He pulled the original j13 and installed a small block chevy with a muncie 3-speed. It was very quick, but with the stock 4.875 rear axle, it redlined at 70-80mph. It also retained the original 4-wheel drums, which were apparently a bit frightening. After a particularly scary incident with brake-fade, it was parked. It was eventually traded to a body shop for a paint job on my 1983 Cutlass. From there it went missing for about a decade. It was rediscovered half-abandoned in a yard, missing engine and transmission, with a pile of parts in the cab. I figured it would be fun project, so we bought it back for $500. Interestingly, the title had never been properly transferred, and it was still in my fathers name! Now we've upgraded it to an aluminum LS v8 and 6-speed. Swapped in an S-10 clip and 4-wheel disks. Wiring, plumbing and re-assembly are underway.

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[]Andrew Johnson

Cool story! Would make a for an awesome restoration project.

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