425 HP
382 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2670 LB
Engine Size
1.6 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
33 MPG

If you're looking for a story, I have much to say. So, grab a snack, a cold drink, and get ready. Because once this starts, you can't miss a word or misinterpret a statement; for if you do, my Fiesta and its story will be lost in the dark corners of time. It began in late May 2014. At the time, I was driving a 2010 Genesis Coupe 2.0T Rspec. My transmission was becoming abysmal, and the car bug was biting me hard. By way of serendipity, I came across this little black car with an ST badge. I was intrigued by this parked, un-driven creature. As I learned more, my intrigue grew. "A Fiesta with a turbo?" I asked myself. I knew I had to drive it. Inspired by the lust of boost and curiosity, I spoke to this creatures enslaver. He allowed me the keys to undo it's chains, and accompanied me on a brisk ride. I was enamored. The rest is history.

Discuss this build

[]Izzy 2014

Can you elaborate on steps needed to run 15x8 ET30. Would a fender roll suffice? I'm currently on stock shocks and Mountune springs. Thanks

[]Aksh Sewrathan

Wonderful build Isaac. What was the total cost involved? Planning to build my fiesta as well.

[]Mister Modtomic

I feel like I've seen this car at Cars And Coffee. Nice.

[]Andy Molnár

One of my favorite builds, thanks for showing the world what these cars are capable of. Keep pushing the bar up for all to see Isaac;

[]Isaac Davis

Thank you! The bar will keep going up.

[]Ron Deaven

Wow, nice build.

Wondering about the spool time for the big turbo. I'm stock turbo. Do you notice a difference?

[]Isaac Davis

For my car, it sees max psi (33-34psi) by 5krpm, 20psi by 3.8krpm. On smaller set ups (2560s or 2860s) you'll see 20psi by 3krpm, on average.

[]Cameron Longstaff

425!! Holy shit!!!!

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