200 HP
166 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2529 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
20 MPG

I got this Miata in the fall of 2013 after my brother had my '99 NB totalled. I bought it from a guy in Joplin, MO off Craigslist. He was super nice, but after I got down there he kept trying to dissuade me from buying it, because of a few scratches. I bought it anyway(for a very cheap price) and I've loved it ever since. The previous owner had installed some upgrade parts for the turbo from Flyin' Miata. I don't know what kind of a difference that had made, since I've never driven a stock MSM. This car has been through everything by now. From minor scuffs from other drivers, to being ditched by my brother. I had to replace the driver's side suspension because of my stupidity in the snow, but other than that I've taken good care of it. The only modification that I have done to it is replacing the horrible wheels the previous owner sold the car with. I put some TRMotorsports C1M 15x7 on the car and even though they were very cheap off Craigslist, I love the way they look and how the car handles. I plan on replacing the stock intercooler for a much larger one and putting good coilovers on the car, because it is riding on stock suspension and although it isn't bad handling, the ride height looks silly in the back, as all MSM's were stock. I'm content with the power it is making, so I won't be doing any upgrades anytime soon, but once my motor gives, I plan on doing a V8 conversion.

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[]Devin Liu

what kind of V8? depending on how much it weighs you get match the power to weight of a veyron. Keeping it at around 2500 pounds would only require 625 HP. bump it up to 2800 pounds would require an even 700 for the same ratio

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