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J. J.

J. J.100 days ago

A month of work with a lot of help from friends has taken my 2004 CVPI from a non functioning car to a pretty nice daily ride. Yeah, its not a Mustang but she turned out ok and can leave rubber on the road with the best of em! :)


[]Robert Sixto

Cleaned up real nice! 👍

[]J. J.

Thanks. Redid a lot of fuel system stuff and i still have to figure out what melted part of the plastic wheel well

J. J.182 days ago

After much effort and time to get the Tiguan back up and running I finally had a nice day on my day off to go for a cruise. Stopped at the cooling towers for a quick pic and back on the road again. Feels good to drive my own car again.

J. J.199 days ago

So on Feb. 20th I took my Tiguan in because it had misfires in all 4 cylinders and lean codes I couldnt diagnose. After 1 week, they changed all 4 coils, plugs, and did extensive tests. They said all was good and I came to get it. In the parking lot it got misfire and lean codes just like before so I walked back and told them its still messed up. 2 weeks later and even more

J. J.217 days ago

One day after getting my Tiguan back a sizeable oil puddle appeared on my driveway. It's been tracked down to the rear main seal. So hopefully that also was part of the misfires/rough idle and finally the poor VW will be back to fighting shape again. It's been non stop problems since Thanksgiving with this car.

J. J.221 days ago

Doin the Jeep thing today. :)

[]Hayden Baker

Such a fun vehicle

J. J.226 days ago

Sometimes you just have to defer to a professional. After replacing Plugs, coils, intake manifold, carbon cleaning, PCV, and intake system (it had a nasty crack). I still can't figure out why when I cold start the engine idles super rough and I get misfire codes in all 4 cylinders and a lean code. It feels like it's on the verge of dying unless I keep the RPMs up until it warms up or is driving. Then all


[]Gregory Garoppolo

There are some years of that engine that have known faults. Does your car sounds an awful lot like it's a diesel right now? This can happen with cam follower failure, and I believe that you are in the right mileage range for that issue. I suggest posting a video to try and get some more informed opinions.

[]J. J.

It sounds pretty much like it did when I got it at 22k miles. I did think to video it. doh. thanks, Once it's back I'll get the video (hopefully tommorow) Again, thanks. Car stuff is a lot more intricate than I thought heh

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I'm going through a very similar situation on my wife's 525i at the moment. Have you tried testing for leaks while it's idling? I've found that a can or 2 of carburetor cleaner can work wonders if you start spraying it around sealing surfaces and hoses that run to the intake system. If the idle starts smoothing out when you spray at a certain area then you've found your leak. Are any codes popping up when this happens?

[]J. J.

All 4 cylinders get misfire codes. I also get a code for running lean. I forget the exact code and wording. I'll have to give it a try as soon as it gets back from the body shop

[]Wilson Oberholzer

That's pretty much what the 525i is doing. Lean codes for front and rear banks and misfires on pretty much all 6 cylinders. When you do find out the codes I'd suggest Googling your car year and model along with any codes that come up. It's helped me quite a few times to figure out stuff on specific cars.

[]J. J.

Thanks. Yeah. Google has become my best friend when trying to learn all this stuff from scratch.

J. J.227 days ago

Still recovering from the last day of 2017. Everything is replaced but other odd problems have cropped up. (That aren't from the accident) Why this engine keeps giving me issues is beyond me. Darn VW. heh

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