Prior to owning this car, I wasn't the gearhead I am today. I became friends with gearheads that changed things forever and eventually got me into cars, how they work and what they're capable of doing. Bought this car in June 2017 off of Craigslist for $7,000. I didn't have any experience driving manual, so I brought 2 of my close friends with me to drive an hour to check it out. They were super stoked and excited when they saw it, and it was at this point I knew I could never pass up this deal. With only 89,000 miles on it being 10 years old there was no walking away from this beauty. I still talk to the guy I bought it from, really cool guy, all credits given to him because he was the one to put $30,000 into the car. I was lucky enough to get it protuned by the best Mazdaspeed tuner in the world: Justin Henry. Sadly he moved shops back to New Mexico so I won't be able to go get it tuned again by the same guy. Moving on, there was only one problem with the car when I bought it: 2 blown piston rings. I couldn't exceed 5k rpm, this was due to the previous owner running E-85 for performance purposes (and yes it has an E-85 tune) since ethanol creates carbon build up the engine rings began deteriorating. The first problem I had happened a month later after buying and learning how to drive manual like a pro (I caught onto it pretty quick, very fun) I ran into a coolant leak. It was the line that went to the turbo, which I was able to fix, however a week later it exploded on me while idling. I took it to a repair shop and they told me the hose was cut too short and was rubbing against the turbo and burned a hole through. Oh, and I got rear ended. Still need to get that fixed, but that's going to happen after you read the next few lines. The third problem, wow. It was a mess. Messed up my life to be exact. I was driving home from a friends house, and the car stalled. I whip up the AccessPort and get the code "P0340" regards to the camshaft position sensor. I get the car towed back to my house and spend a few weeks researching this code, I must have created an account for every Mazda forum page known to man because I spent hours on end trying to decipher what went wrong. I spend about a month on the car in my garage trying to repair the VVT components, because it appeared that the intake camshaft was loose, and not where it should be. I had finally called it quits when I couldn't get off the crankshaft bolt with an impact wrench running 125 psi. The from there I spent a week calling around performance and technical engine shops in the DFW area. Yes, I called COBB and they quoted me $9,000-15,000 to fix it. Hellllllll to the nah on that one, so I kept digging. I found a shop about 25 miles from my house and could give me an accurate quote just off of my description for only $3,000. After we got it all figured out I thought, hell, might as well put some new parts in there since they're stripping the engine. New pistons, rods, bolts, and anything to keep it running for as long as possible. A few weeks pass and I get a call from JJRush (shop fixing the engine) and they tell me I have a snapped intake camshaft, bent valves, stretched oil chain, and even bent rods. Yeah, bent rods. I guess that's what happens when your'e pushing 405whp. Got all of those parts replaced and fixed with better ones, now I'm waiting until I get the car back in about a week. I haven't had it working for nearly 3 months because the block was sent off to another machining shop (it's back now). Until I get the Mazda back I'll get the rear bumper fixed up and take some sexy 4K pictures to post :)

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still waiting

I want my car back it's been 2 months.

[]Yves Vds

Is it back from the shop now?

[]Jack Powell DFW

Gosh, haven't been on wheelwell since. Yes! She's back

[]Brian Post

This is the worst. I hate it when I don't have my car for more than a day - I can only imagine how aggravating it would be to be with out it for 2 months. I totally feel your pain. The good news is that when you do get it back - it will be better than ever.

[]Hayden Baker

That is no fun. Hate that

[]Jeff Bowman

I had to go without my car for almost four months after the accident. It really sucked!!

[]Jack Powell DFW

damn. I guess what we learn is patience lol

[]Jeff Bowman

Yeah. Most of the time I want to tell patience to take a walk and give me my car haha

[]Jack Powell DFW

Yeah I'm constantly calling the shop 😂 and my friends are always on my head

[]Jeff Bowman

Oh yeah. I’m sure I wore the guys out in the body shop wondering what was the status of car and if they had a finish date yet lol

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[]Robert Linsenbach

Whats going on with the car man?

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