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        Bought the car when I was 17 from a friend who's parents made him sell it. Was a complete beater and was totaled when I bought it. 5 speed 245k miles. Most fun car I ever owned. Best part about it was it could do anything. Want a dirt road rally beater? This car did it. Stunt car to do jumps? Yep! Friend can't find his car in parking lot? No need for higher ground, just stand on the roof! Front row parking space? No problem! Who cares about paintwork anyway? Friend can't drive stick? Teach 'em! Friend can't parallel park? Paint the curb rash away with a $0.99 can of black paint. Need a car to drive on 1,000+ mile road trip? Civic gets 35MPG+ on the highway! Loved the car to death parents forced me to sell or else I would've kept it. Strict one car per family member at my house. 

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