220 HP
208 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2200 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.6 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
28 MPG

This is my first and only car so far I got this car from a coworker who told me that they have a honda civic with a “rebuilt motor” sitting in california. ( I live in Washington) Apparently they rebiult the motor then had no use for the car anymore and they just let it sit It has a “rebuilt” d16z6 with stock internals but unsure how many miles engine actually had (looked like quiet a few) I received this car with the d16z6 swap for very cheap (Somewhere around $1200) When I first got this car it looked like a pile of crap complete grandma mobile with exterior problems It had terrible rock chips on the hood it came withNd decided to paint it black since it was so crappy felt like sheet metal. (Found a nicer matching hood at the junkyard later on) Roof was completely fried from sitting in the California sun For a long time (not sure how long it sat a year maybe?) Deep Scratches everywhere on the paint of the car. Interior had stains and broken parts like cupholders, one power window not working, and none of the dash lights worked at all along with some broken parts including a tire rod, valve cover leak, also needed new starter, and battery not long after. Also had stock rims and hup caps at first. At first I didnt know what to do since the car looked so bad and also wasn't fast I started out with simple mods such as cold air intake, headers, exhaust, tried doing paint work and make it look good but turned out looking ricey lol. after that I chipped my ecu with 2 step launch control and strut bars. after about a year of having these modifications and the car I felt it was time to actually make a difference in performance and handling since those first mods didn't do much but make the car loud and ricey even though the exhaust I put on sounded pretty deep and good. first I decided to clean the car up interior and exterior fixing or replacing everything and anything that was broken, paint fixing etc. once the car was cleaned up I first bought rims, short shifter, then coil overs. after those I started saving for a turbo kit and not just some crappy ebay kit. I found a kit that had genuine parts like a brand new garrett t25 turbo, prewelded oil pan, intercooler, injectors, manifold etc.From there I just had to but other small parts like oil and water lines, gauges, hondata ecu. after I had everything I found a guy to install all my parts and had another guy tune it form me. I now have the car tuned on 7psi since I daily drive it and it has forged internals. It runs like a champ

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