Engine Size
5.0 L
Transmission Type
T5 5 Speed

While in college and having spent a good amount of time working on my daily driver (2004 BMW 325 CI) I found myself being distracted by the idea of a project car. I wanted something rear wheel drive so I could try my hand at drifting, something with a fairly large modification scene, and something that I thought would look cool. I searched and searched for a cheap 240SX shell but nothing was ever in my price range (of a about $800). I wanted a shell because I was fascinated with doing an engine swap (having never done one I wanted experience) and they're typically cheaper. Having given up on the 240SX I stumbled upon the RX7 line, I had always loved the RX7 FD from the moment I was exposed to one in person, but I never new about its older brother, the middle child of the RX7 family line, the FC. I searched and found a 1987 Mazda RX7 FC shell for sale for $500 and knew i had to have it, so I arranged a meeting and fell in love with the car on site, I was able to talk the guy down to $400 and thus began a rebuilding process. I originally wanted to do an LS swap because it had a large aftermarket support, they're were several mounting kits available for it, and it makes a good about of power cheaply without adding a whole lot of weight ( was thinking of aluminum block) but prices were high and availability was surprisingly low. Then i thought keep it rotary and tried to find a 13B or 13BT but with no success ( imported ones cost as much as a LS1 so those were out of budget as well). Then I discover my shining light at the end of my tunnel, the savior of my build, the Ford EFI 5.0. The availability is outrageous(everywhere), the aftermarket is fantastic, there's a mounting kit for it, they make good power, they're almost as light as the 13B, and they're cheap. Was able to get one pulled with all the accesories from a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT at the junkyard for $420, bought the mounting kit for another $400 (Granny's Speed Shop), bought the 5.0 bell housing for $170, bought the transmisson ( was advertised as a V8 T5 but once pulled and the numbers ran turned out to be a V6 T5) along with a complete engine with all the accessories from a 1994 Mustang GT 5.0 for $900. After a complete engine tear down we ( my dad has been helping) discovered the Explorer motor had been rebuilt and over bored .040 successfully making it a 308. Since then we have been piece parting the motor and the RX7 FC back together and have recently been able to mount the bolt on kit, rebuild the steering, and run the brake lines. The car is no where near done yet but I plan to continue the build and post updates as I go.

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