Shiiiiiiiii...well wudda happen was... OK no what really happen was one day after getting picked up from work by my lovely woman she said "you want a car right". Now in my mind i was like hell yeah but is she foolin around. Well she said " I have an old car to show you when we get back into town". Now im thinking in my mind of what it could be. But then we roll by this thing, this champagne colored beast. Price 800. Miles unknown. Car. Mint. All around. It finally sold for 700. Now it is my daily project when it moves and drives. She has never let me down. Name. Maynard the Bitch Madly, and trust me shes always mad. I will have scars from working on this car for the rest of my mortal life. Maynard is the car my mom told me she could see me driving and my lovely woman made that happen. R.I.P Mom aka: Maynard.

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