170 HP
145 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2593 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
20 MPG
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        Bought in Sept 2004 from Courtesy Nissan in Richardson Texas.  Had 97xx miles on the ODO when bought, previous owner was a smoker and had black window guards on it. Most of the years I had her, she was stock with the exception of a K&N Air Filter.  In 2009 I purchased a FRPP spring and damper kit which dropped her about an inch all around, but was she never sat even.  In 2010, the OZ Ultraleggeras were added which brought some rub with them.  Tried a handful of things to remedy this including rolling the fenders in late 2013. In March 2013, I was sitting at 107k miles and I hadn't touched the timing belt.  Being an interference motor, I was half tempted to let a mechanic do it, but after reading the process, I knew it was do-able.  Purchased everything I needed : Gates timing kit, timing tools, valve cover gasket.  Had a set of CFM tubular control arms for the front and a new battery harness as the original had snapped at the post on the alternator. Long story short, the Gates timing belt tensioner failed 700 miles after install flattening my exhaust valves in the process.  Never got anywhere with Gates or Amazon (who I had purchased the timing kit from), so she went to a local mechanic who resurfaced the head and installed all new exhaust valves.  I reset the timing with him and $1800 later, she was running like a champ. I had become very disenchanted with the FRPP springs, so new suspension was in order.  With a nice incentive from Ebay, H&R Coilovers were affordable and purchased for the car.  Massive Speed rear camber arms were also acquired and installed, allowing for a very precise alignment. In Jan. 2014, I was able to do a rundown autocross with the H&Rs.  I had dialed in far too much camber, so the car was not as quick as it should have been.  Overall, I finished mid-pack.  Finishing school was my priority, so working on the car was put on the back burner for the first half of the year.  I was able to start tuning the car with a remote tuner, but the results were mixed and I ended up returning the car to the stock YFR0 flash. August of 2014 brought some revelations.  A 4 door car was going to be needed and pricing on '14 Focus STs became very attractive.  A dealer was able to locate a Ingot Silver ST3 without a moonroof and the purchase was made. I cleaned up the SVT for sale as a few common issues were lingering - IMRC stuck open, wheel bearings were about done, stock thermostat housing leak, and of course suspension and tuning.  I had the parts, but not the time... and a buyer was found next door. I dearly miss this car and its driving dynamics.  I will buy another in the future :)

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