1.8 L
Curb weight
2200 lb
Engine Type
In-line 4-cylinder, DOHC
142 bhp
116 ft lbs
Torsen limited-slip

I lucked out finding this somewhat rare Evolution Orange (644) 2000 NB with a 5 speed manual, torsen diff, fog lights, and A/C. A friend of mine who works as an estimator at a nearby dealership knew I was keeping my eye out for a nice Miata, he texted me one evening with a few pictures of this beauty and the information that it was just traded in and they intended on sending it off to wholesale. It was end of business so I headed in the next morning first thing, checked out, and then bought the car. The car had high 58k miles on it, had a few minor scratches and dings, and some very minor hail damage that is hard to spot. The interior was very good shape, the seats in particular are in great shape. Inside the engine bay things were sparking. Literally it looks as nice as my 2015 Challenger Scat pack in there. I HAD to buy this car. My wife would not let me leave the dealership without it. Plans for the car are to prep it for STR class in SCCA autocross, SCCA trackspints, and all the track days I can get myself to. Loose priorities are suspension, intake, exhaust, brakes. In terms of the motor, no plans to go forced induction, but we are thinking of building up the motor some to do significant more RPM. We have another car in mind for a forced induction build, this one we want to stay true to the Miata spirit of maintaining momentum.

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James Glaser1 day ago

No fun pics to share, but I got the Hawk HPS pads on the car today. Rear calipers were a bit weird on the Miata, one bolt, and then a hex to compress the rear calipers, never done one like that before. Braking is massively improved, super impressed with the grab on this pads. Should hold me over till next spring when I can put on the big brake kit.

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James Glaser2 days ago

Here are a few shots from the most recent AutoX event, the Iowa Challenge #2 at Hawkeye Tech in Waterloo, IA. #autocross #racecar #scca

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James Glaser7 days ago

On August 7th I took Clockwork Orange to Blackhawk Farms Raceway for her (and my) first track experience. It was a SCCA TrackNight in America event. The track was superb, the people were great. The way the even was ran was very smooth. I got more than an hour of track time for something like $150 (with SCCA membership). There was lots of coaching, and easing you into speed. It was a great way to get into a first track

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James Glaser20 days ago

Mazdaspeed center console and radio bezel installed. #forthemod #projectcar #miata #interior

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James Glaser20 days ago

Installing a roll bar was a lot more work than I anticipated. Some additional interior work is needed before this weekend's autox if possible. Now that the car has the bar in it I will be able to join in the next track sprint or track day. #projectcar #trackcar #miata

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James Glaser24 days ago

A fellow autoxer recently finished parting out a rustbucket Mazdaspeed, many useful parts were harvested. I was able to score the following for Clockwork Orange. The gauge unit will be used to create an old school roadster style gauge cluster. I will be following an already existing build guide. The spoiler will be cleaned up and added to the rear trunk lid to add to the cars orange and black color scheme. I think this will look very sharp. The center console

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James Glaser28 days ago

Just set up a deal to go pick up a blow '99 1.8L project motor for the Miata. Super cheap deal. Ideally the head, block and crank will be in good enough shape to build it up. The head is warped, so here is hoping enough can be shaved off to even it up, and hit a decent compression ratio. #cheapmotor #miata

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James Glaser29 days ago

Installed the FM braided/stainless brake lines today. Replaced the fluid with DOT4 fluid as well. #racecar #miata #brakes

[]Ernie Szots


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James Glaser33 days ago

Shot from GRR SCCA Solo Event #6 #autocross #scca #funwithcars

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