Horsepower (whp)
322 whp
315 lb/ft

I picked up this car to be a family hauler, dog-mobile, and beater. Having spent 10 years working for a Subaru race team and tuner shop, I knew the potential of these '05-09 Outback XTs. These days there are no hot wagons that are offered with a manual transmission, so I had to go back about 10 years to find one. They're pretty hard to find with a MT and turbo, so it's a bit of a unicorn to those who care about that stuff. In a national search, I found one in 2018 with ~75K miles in Utah, so I jumped on a plane and drove it back to Los Angeles. Being in California, there are very strict emission laws, so I've been judicious about the mods. Combine that with the intention of it being a dog-mobile beater, and there was plenty of reason not to go overboard. Additionally, the car is only worth ~$10K, so I don't want to spend a lot of money on mods when they end up being a sizable percentage of the car's worth. The result is that it's modded on a budget, with realistic usefulness in mind. And because it's in my stable, I tuned it (320whp) and upgraded the brakes, cooling, and suspension for it to be able to hold it's own in the canyons. You know, because all the best camping and hiking spots are at the end of winding mountain roads!

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