375 HP
380 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3550 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.6 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

This is my first Camaro and only my second GM product I have ever owned. I sold off my old truck I had, a modded 1997 F250 Powerstroke, I was looking a American made sports car for a daily driver. I looked at several dealerships in my home town of Austin, TX. I ended up at Henna Chevrolet where a friend of a friend worked as the General manager. They had this car sitting out front and I saw the orange paint, later I was informed its "Inferno Orange". So I went in and talked to the GM and asked about the car and took it out for a test drive. For the car being a V6 I was impressed as how quick it was, and it was a manual to boot. I get back and find out the car had been there on the lot for 4 months because all the young kids looking at the car can't drive a stick. I ended up negotiating a price well below blue book.The mods to the car started about three months after I bought it and basically did them all at once. The exhaust and cold air are a standard mod you can do to any Camaro to make them run better. The 80mm throttle body was done after some research of the various forums online and found Overkill Motorsports in Canada. He offered a HP tuner and the throttle body for a reasonable price. and others on the forums praised him for his work and the power he was able to pull from the V6. The Barton shifter was a great purchase because it shortened the throws between gears by at least 50%, throws are short and solid.The 80mm throttle body and tune was the biggest performance mod I put on the car and was well worth the money. The parts were selected on my past experience with those companies. The exception to this was the throttle body and tuner. As for tips, take your time these cars are not always mod friendly and if its not fitting. Stop and look as to why and then proceed.Nothing is planned as for right now. When I grow tired of the the performance level the car has I may go to a turbo.The biggest challenge on this car is the fact that most places only cater to the LS market not the V6, so a lot of searching and research has to be done before you do anything due to the fact that there are not of support.

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homepage tile photo for My first mods and up date.
My first mods and up date.

Starting to get better. Got the shifter and the exhaust installed. The remainder of mt parts should

Discuss this build

[]Andrew Johnson

Any specific goals for the build?

[]James Shively

The final goal is twin turbo v6 with 500 to 550 rwhp. With a chassis that can hang with a corvette. More than likely a complete BMR suspension will find its way under the car.

[]Andrew Johnson

Ambitious, I like it! Look forward to seeing how it progresses.

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